Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Templates from Draft.Blogger.Com

Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseEver since I tried using the templates at, I have stopped testing templates from outside. I mean, I am already contented with what is offered, with all the many choices, and the flexibility and tweakability allowed, which, although not uniform for all, the variety still is enough for me to play with.

Therefore, I have saved myself the burden of searching, downloading, uploading, tweaking, etc., etc. Switching from one template to the other, where they are completely foreign to each other, I just don't know how to describe the painful process of 'migration' - saving all your widgets, minimizing if at all possible, dropping what can't be migrated, then finally, putting them back one-by-one. Now if that isn't a painful process...

So I've stopped doing all that since I started using Blogger templates, internal to blogger, with as much templates to choose from, and with as much variety, flexibility (2-, 3- or 4-columns), and tweakability (up, side, bottom, what-have-you), find it all in the templates that they have in

Blogger still call it 'draft', but to me, it is already live.

I've been living with it since then (so long I don't even remember when I started).

So if you haven't already, why not give it a try today?

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Friday, April 10, 2009

In search of a Desktop Blog Post Editor

A different Look (Explored)Image by Insight Imaging: John A Ryan Photography via FlickrWhile there are so many blog post editors out in the web, some for free, and some for a fee, I haven't found one that is completely easy to use. I'm referring to the free versions.

So I'm still using this Small Email Sender to send my posts.

I may be trying Microsoft Word 2007. And while I have read somewhere that there will be some errors introduced, I would like to find out what it really is.

You can say again, "Curiosity killed the cat."

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Third post

Blogging per se is easy, but if you want to blog defensively, in a way that you will be proud of your blog, whoever finds it, you will not simply be blogging and posting and posting and blogging.

You will have to learn a few things first and foremost, some necessary knowlege, rules and regulations, and guidelines, especially the blogging host/server. And knowing them is of no use; simply put, you have to abide by them to gain yourself a good reputation in the blogging world.

Have you read a book at least? Try one that will give you a lot of information, and, as an aside, will teach you some ways and means of making some money with your blog: Make Easy Money With Google, by Eric Giguere. It even comes with a supporting website:

That is easy to remember. The first letter of the title of the book is the shorthand notation of the website. memwg. Make Easy Money With Google.

Simple, but very informative. Very educational.

Try it!

Second post

To fill up my testing blog, I have to write some short posts. There are so many free templates that are very nice-looking, and very promising, at first glance, but try to upload them to your blog, and whoommm! Your work is gone.

It doesn't work!

So the very simple solution that I have thought of is to create a testing blog. A blog that will be having no fuss getting destroyed. I mean, the basic content will be the posts and some fundamental widgets or components, which are so easy to remember, and easy to reconstruct.

Having this will save you countless hours of frustration and dismay.

Save yourself from that unnecessary experience. Build your own testing blog.

Post 1

When I started blogging (thanks to a choir co-member), I was contented with the templates that was provided in the blogger world. 2-column was okay with me. Then I started seeing some fancy blog sites, and my curiosity was aroused.

Then I started to "rummage" through the web for 3-column blogger templates. I did find a lot of free templates, and while there are other templates that can be got for a small fee, I settled for the free units. For now, I figured, they will do.

So for me to test new templates that I will come across with, and that is now and then, I will need a testing blog.

This is my second testing blog. And I will test extensively.

Till then.